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أكبر رابطة اسلامية في العالم


We have 330 Associate Islamic Institutions and an estimated 3 million registered members of our Associate Institutions / Websites. The number of real Ahle Sunnah who trust in the Islamic teachings of Shuyooks and Scholars associated with our 330 Islamic Institutions (with a rigid estimate) is over 350 millions in the world.


CIFIA has created a "Quite Revolution of Sahih Iman" in the world. It is helping Muslims in many ways; from protection of Aqeedah (Iman) to educating / training people to be a good Muslim. We attempt to instill humanistic moral values among Muslims with which they can become model citizens of their respective countries around the Globe. We also prepare our Muslim brothers and sisters to pass the test of grave (after their death) and get rewarded with Salvation on the Day of Judgment.

Peoples' hearts are like mirrors. Divine light gets reflected from these mirrors in accordance with the purity of the heart.

What is the meaning of 'divine light reflecting from people's heart'?

It means their understanding capacities about Tawheed. It is in Quran - Allah (SWT) is the light of the Heavens and Earth. (An-Noor - 35 ).

Purity of heart depends upon Ilm-e-Sahih (Correct Islamic Knowledge) about Allah (SWT) and His Cosmos.

The purpose of formation of CIFIA (Correct Islamic Faith International Association) is to spread Ilm-e-Sahih in the World so that peoples' hearts glitter with Tawheed.

Those, whose hearts are not purified by truthful Islamic education and training under the watchful eyes of real Islamic Shuyooks, can hardly understand Tawheed. They read religious scriptures and draw conclusions as per their limited understanding. In view of their inability to understand Tawheed, they develop some theories about Allah (SWT) and claim it to be religion.

Like, some people believe in "Incarnation" (Hindus), some believe in "Trinity" (Christians) and some believe in "anthropomorphism" (Salafis and Like minded Groups)

What is anthropomorphism?

The followers of Anthropomorphism (Salafis and their like minded groups) accept that Allah (SWT) is one, but allege that He has one face, two hands, two eyes and a huge body. He sits on a very big chair in the skies facing towards 'Arsh'. He knows His creatures only by His knowledge (like we know that there is a planet 'Neptune' in our solar system) and He has certain limitations of movements and omnipotence). When you ask them how is His face, eyes, hands and body; they say it is known to Him only and we are not supposed to ponder over it. They misinterpret Quranic verses, Ahadith and rulings of some well known Imams to prove their obsessive notions.

Anthropomorphism is also known as Aqeeda al-Wasitiyyah which is attributed to Ibn Taymiyyah, the founder of Salafism.

Click Here to read Ibn Taymiyyah's beliefs

The collective focus of all CIFIA Associate Islamic Institutions / Websites is centered around enlightening people about Ilm-e-Sahih (Correct Islamic Knowledge).

Cifia Associates are all independent. However, they have an in-built unity within diversity – meaning they are all independent Islamic Institutions, but they have a common objective to propagate Sahih Iman in the World.

The primary aim of all CIFIA Associates is to ensure that Sahih Iman reaches every single home of 1.5 billion Muslims around the Globe. For this purpose we would like to strengthen our individual and collective efforts and to coordinate and intensify propagation of Ilm-e-Sahih in the world.

We do not focus our attention towards differences of opinions on certain issues. As a matter of fact, we believe that differences of opinion and friendly dialogue is healthy for a vibrant Islamic society as long as it is not deviating from the basic faith of Islam.

الأهداف الرابطة الدولية

CIFIA is a knowledge based Islamic Association. Our primary focus is reformation of Muslim Community in the world by propagating Sahih Iman among them through counseling/teaching. We coordinate efforts of all our Associate Islamic Institutions in spreading Ilm-e-Sahih (Correct Islamic Knowledge) in the World.

We will strive to create a world environment where people live in peace with each other, where every Muslim home will have access to know about real Islam. True Islamic beliefs ( العقيدة الإسلامية الصحيحة) will be explained to people at all levels thereby (Insha-Allah) ensuring salvation of all Muslim on the Day of Judgment.

Our target is to have at least 500 Associate Islamic Institutions, approximately 750 million real Ahle Sunnah followers and train 1 million real Ahle Sunnah young Preachers of Sahi Iman by the end of 2010. Insha-Allah, we will achieve this target with the help of our Associates and sincere Muslims.

CIFIA and all its Associate Islamic Institutions guide Muslims all over the world as to what should be the basic Islamic beliefs of a person (Imaan) in order to ascertain if he is on the straight path of Islam or not? Therefore, CIFIA has prepared a comprehensive and complete description of "SAHIH IMAN" and placed it on its website. This will help people to clear their doubts about issues related with basic faith of Islam.

Many CIFIA Associate Islamic Institutions are offering online/on-campus education and training programs for Muslims. There are some big names like Zaytuna, Jama Nizamia, Dawat-e-Islami and many others who are working as non-profit Institutions. There are some other Institutions who are offering Free online education in Quran and Arabic Learning. We also have some extremely useful educational sites that provide information on 5 basic principles of Islam.

CIFIA has already sourced and provided on its site information about 28 real Ahle Sunnah Websites who are providing online answers to Muslims and various Islamic issues.

CIFIA has also provided on its Website Life history and works of the following real Islamic Scholars.

Shaikhul Islam Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri, Shaikh Hisham Kabbani, Shaikh Abu Adam Al Naruiji, Shaikh Nuh Ha Mim Keller, Shaikh Gibril Fouad Haddad, Shaikh Ahmad Darwish, Maulana Mohammad Ilyas Attar Qadiri, Allama Harun Yahya, Shaikh Ali Zain Al-Abidin Al-Jifri, Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi, Ustadh Zaid Shaker, Shaykh Hamza Yusuf Hanson, Mufti Mohammad Faiz Ahmed Owaisi, Shaikh Bashir Farooqi, and Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan Qadri.

In short, CIFIA and its Associates have everything in their store, from protection of your Aqeedah ( Sahih Iman) to educating / training you to be a good Muslim in the world, and Insha-Allah your salvation on the Day of Judgment.

You can be part of the Global Call and help your Muslim brothers and sisters in many ways.

(i) We require volunteers to spread the message of Sahih Iman on Internet, print media and by word of mouth. Send us an e-mail at '', we will guide you in this context.

(ii) Spread the message of Sahih Iman among your family members, friends and neighborhoods.

(iii) Tell us about the Islamic Institutions who would like to join us as Associates. Or inform the Islamic Institutions in the world about CIFIA, its works, aims and objectives.

(iv) Encourage real Ahle Sunnah followers to become individual members of CIFIA and assist in the propagation of Ilm-e-Sahih in the world.

(v) You can also help this great cause from your donations. Your money will be spent in propagation of real Islam and enlightenment of Muslims who have become victims of faithlessness in the name of Islam.

The coordination work for all the above activities is carried out at Association's Office at CIFIA under the direct supervision of Shaikh Mir Asedullah Quadri.

It is our sincere desire to spread the message of affection and compassion among people by following the legacy of Sahaba and Great Sufi Shaikhs of Ihsan / Awliya Allah.

CIFIA has no political associations or any type of political agenda. We are a peaceful, law abiding group whose concern is to enlighten Muslim community about real Islam for their salvation on the Day of Judgment. As described above, our aim is to instill humanistic moral values among Muslims with which they will become model citizens of their respective countries around the Globe.

CIFIA is a non-profit Organization / Website. It is a moral coordination gentlemen center. There are no legal bindings on CIFIA or on its Members /Associate Websites of any kind whatsoever. It is a joint effort of sincere, compassionate and peace loving people who are interested to provide Ilm-e-Sahih to Muslim community for their revival in this world and salvation in Hereafter.

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